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This recycled-tarp hat is handcrafted in a remote town in equatorial Brazil, where recycling actually informs nearly every aspect of production, from the salvaged tarp scraps being applied as patches on other hats right down to the heavy wire hidden within each brim. That thin band of steel, reclaimed from trash-bound old truck tires, adds yet another element of uniqueness, allowing you to shape your own hat pretty much any way you please!

That striking individuality helps explain how the recycled-tarp hat wound up as a key costuming prop in two major motion pictures, Zombieland and The Losers. (If you ever hear folks calling us “that zombie-killing hat,” Zombieland is why!)

Authentic, rugged and effortlessly cool — find another head-topper that can top that!

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These hats are a line of tarp hats and tarp bags handmade in a remote small town in rural equatorial Brazil from recycled canvas tarps that once stretched across the beds of cross-country cargo trucks hauling open freight. They use recycled tarps in an effort to cut down on the wasting of the world’s resources – and yes, also because they happen to look very, very cool.

The uncommon fabric in the products most likely has traveled from the Amazon out to São Paulo and back again, and north into intense heat, and south into often bitter cold. It has slogged through sudden deluges of blinding rain, been baked and broiled in scalding sun, coated in frost and caked in ice, whipped by harsh winds, assaulted by road debris and sometimes even stamped upon in Portuguese with thick black ink.

Which is to say there’s nothing you can do to our one-of-a-kind hats and bags that hasn’t already been done before. So no worries about taking care of our products; let them take care of you instead!



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