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Lat & Lo latitude and longitude jewelryRather than make generic products, Lat and Lo saw a need in the market for jewelry with greater emotional appeal: something which people could wear that could link them to special events or places in their past. The company, therefore, set out to make jewelry stamped with precise longitude and latitude coordinates with special significance for the wearer. Furthermore, they committed to individually stamping all their products by hand, in-house, adding a sense of passion and care to their product.

Kelly Ivy, the owner and founder of the company, began the enterprise after thinking about how the existing jewelry market wasn’t meeting her own needs. She wanted jewelry that would remind her of happy or significant times in her life, but couldn’t find anything on the market that fit the bill. Rather than go without, she decided to found Lat and Lo and has been in business for more than five years now, meticulously handcrafting customized jewelry for customers all over the world.

The company, based in Neptune Beach, Florida, says that, except for a special diamond-headed machine that creates the inscriptions, every part of the jewelry-making process is done by hand. Jewelers at the firm first polish the metal using a spinning lathe, then bend it into shape using individual molds. The company avoids doing anything that might result in a generic product, such as using batch production, preferring to make each order by hand, depending on the customer’s needs. Every piece from Lat and Lo, the company says, is entirely custom made. No two items are the same.

The company says that it gets a wide range of requests for latitude and longitude jewelry coordinates. These range from something as simple as the hometown in which a person was born to the coordinates of a particular tree under which a customer shared their first kiss. Other common requests include wedding locations, locations of holidays, and the places where distant loved ones live.

Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of Lat and Lo’s business is that they’re not only able to inscribe custom messages on their jewelry, but also custom handwriting. You can, for instance, send Lat and Lo a sample of a loved one’s writing, and they will inscribe it, as it appears, onto a piece of their jewelry.

The company likes the fact that people are in charge of making the jewelry through all the various stages, not machines. Lat and Lo believe that you can’t mass-produce sentimentality and that the only way to produce a truly authentic product that speaks to people is to do it all by hand. Without this, you can’t create the uniqueness people crave. Each piece that the company makes has a story behind it – and life is all about telling stories and sharing memories.

A Wide Choice Of Jewellery Items

Lat & Lo offer a wide variety of different types of jewelry- everything from necklaces and bracelets to rings. All the jewelry is inscribed in the inimitable Lat and Lo way and comes in a variety of materials, including gold-filled and sterling silver.

Be A Part Of A Growing Movement

Lat and Lo has done more than just launch a new line of jewelry. It’s provided a way for people to share their most intimate and important stories, all over the US. The company’s website hosts a story section where buyers, just like you, can tell the community about why you chose the coordinates that you did, and what happened there. Some prefer Lat and Lo jewelry to remember their wedding location. Others have been sent Lat and Lo jewelry as gifts to remind them of home when they have been working in far-flung places, like Antarctica.

Why You Should Buy Lat and Lo Jewelry

Lat and Lo offer something extraordinary and unique to jewelry lovers. Not only is each piece made from quality materials, but they can be fully customized in a way not commonly found elsewhere. Lat and Lo helps you tell stories and provides an opportunity to buy something of enormous sentimental value, either for yourself or somebody you know.

With Lat and Lo you get an unprecedented level of customization, allowing you to choose not only what is written on your jewelry, but how it’s written too. Although the company uses the default coordinates system, “Degrees, Minutes, Seconds,” you can choose any format you like when placing your order.

Lat and Lo are an innovative and interesting jewelry maker and make their products in a way that stands out from the rest.

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